DragonFish Underwater Laser Measurement System


Precision Underwater Laser Measurement System

DragonFish is a compact and proven underwater laser measurement system suitable for measuring distances or profiles with sub-millimetric precision.

DragonFish has been successfully deployed globally for a wide range of underwater and subsea applications and is suitable for precision underwater measurement of chains, pipeline diameters, cracks, gaps and angles between surfaces. Depending on the distance from the target, DragonFish can generate results with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm.

Very compact, DragonFish is easily mounted to all sizes of ROV including mini and inspection class vehicles. DragonFish is also available as a diver held solution.

DragonFish is supplied with OTAQ bespoke software for real-time or post-processed measurements and analysis.

Specification Sheet

Key Features

• Any underwater task where highly accurate measurement and profiling is required
• Provides sub millimetric point to point measurements and profiling of shapes, enabling diameter, circumference, radius, angle, distance.
• Ideal for weld seams, mooring chains, depletion, integrity , impact damage
• Harsh environment proven, reliable, compact and easy to use
• Enables measurement up to 0.5mm accuracy
• Does not require INS / positioning input from Survey
• No offshore technician or data related post processing costs

DragonFish used to be branded as C-Gauge

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