Dragonfish Underwater Laser Measurement System


Precision Underwater Laser Measurement System

Dragonfish is a compact underwater laser measurement system suitable for measuring distances or profiles with sub-millimetric precision.

Dragonfish has been successfully used for a wide range of underwater and subsea applications and is suitable for precision underwater measurement of chains, pipeline diameters, cracks, gaps and angles between surfaces.  Depending on the distance from the target, Dragonfish can generate results with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm.

The package is very compact and can be easily mounted on all sizes of ROV including mini/compact systems or is available as a diver held version.

Dragonfish is supplied with our software for real-time or post-processed measurements and analysis.

Dragonfish used to be branded as C-Gauge

Technical Specification

Maximum Range 2m
Accuracy Up to 0.5mm
Laser Wavelength 450nm (blue)
Laser power:
Fan angle:
Depth rating
Power requirements: 250mA @ 24VDC
Housing material:
Anodised aluminium
Weigh in air/water(Kg) 0.5/0.3

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