Eagle IP Orbital camera – 180 / 360 degree underwater vision

Real-time orbital viewing

removes requirement for mechanical pan & tilt

The latest variant of our Eagle IP subsea camera range, the Eagle IP 180° & 360° 4K IP cameras, enables advanced live viewing capabilities in a cost-effective package.

Our cutting edge software offers the operator a real-time ‘orbital’ field of view in either a 180° or 360° video image. In many applications, this orbital viewing capability removes the requirement for a mechanical pan & tilt.

Ideal for situational awareness during ROV, dive bell and confined ingress operations, the Eagle IP 180° & 360° 4K IP cameras require a single 10/100 BaseT Ethernet channel and comply with industry IP network standards.

Download the guide to all of our IP cameras and integration products OTAQ – Eagle IP Camera & Integration Product Matrix

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