Eagle IP Vision

Portable Recording System for use with Eagle IP HD cameras

The OTAQ Eagle IP Vision is a portable recording system for underwater IP cameras that has been engineered for
use in some of the worlds most harsh, remote and extreme environments.

Up to 4 IP cameras can be connected directly to the system on cables up to 100m long. Alternatively, the integrated OTAQ
Q-Link controller allows a subsea Q-Link to be connected on a cable up to 1000m long; this allows up to 4x cameras or other devices such as sonars to be connected (depending on required resolution etc). The system has outstanding connectivity with an HDMI output, 2x USB ports and 2x RJ45 ethernet ports.

OTAQ have engineered the Eagle IP Vision for operation in open boats and on back decks of larger vessels and is designed around an industry standard PELI case that is fully IP65 waterpoof rated when open. A robust, waterproof multi point touch pad with haptic feedback enables full control of the system in all weather conditions.

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