Gyro Survey Frame

The OTAQ Offshore Gyro Survey Frame (GSF) is a robust underwater deployment system designed around standard subsea fibreoptic gyro compasses (FOG). Deployed for subsea applications such as seabed structure orientation and installation, and pipeline monitoring, the GSF comprises of a suite of core OTAQ products.

The GSF is made from highly durable lightweight acetal, assisting with in-air mounting, subsea recovery and general handling. It has a solid high precision Stainless steel base that offers mounting options for different Gyros and metrology stabs. ROV and diver manipulation of the GSF is aided by various handling points and removeable internal and external syntactic foam buoyancy.

Activated via the ROV or diver operated underwater switch and giving up to 10 Amp Hours of battery life as standard, the GSF presents FOG position and orientation data clearly and in a variety of user selectable formats via the underwater display. To aid viewing and to maintain the compact footprint of the GSF, a second display can be mounted vertically. The operator has the option of viewing the displays through Perspex or cut away Acetal panels. High accuracy and repeatability of alignment is assured via the metrology stab.

Core Components – Key Features & Specification

The GSF comprises of the frame, lifting and handling arrangements, underwater display, battery pack, ROV or diver operated switch and mounting plate and base.

Frame – Key Features

  • Durable lightweight Acetal frame
  • Mechanical footprint for iXblue Octans 3000 FOG
  • Perspex or Acetal viewing side panels
  • Stainless Steel lifting points connected to frame base plate
  • Stainless Steel Fish Tail lifting handle connected to frame base plate
  • High accuracy high repeatability metrology stab
  • External foam buoyancy
  • Dimensions (ex-handle & external buoyancy): 358 x 420 x 527mm

Underwater Display

3000m, RS232/485, Internal 0.5° acc. Pitch & Roll Sensor & Pressure Sensor, MCBH8M

Underwater Battery

Lithium, 3000m AA, 25.9VDC up to 10Ah, ex-switch, 20Ah battery available upon request.

ROV / Diver Switch

Quarter Turn, 3000m Alumide, Max 30VDC @ Max 5Amp, MCIL3M

Metrology Stab

Cardinal locking locations, repeatable mounting accuracy: Heading 0.1° / Pitch and Roll of 0.01°, ROV locking handle.


  • Additional Vertically Mounted Underwater Display
  • Additional Battery
  • Additional ROV / Diver Switch
  • Internally Mounted Buoyancy
  • Perspex or Acetal viewing side panels OTAQ
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