High Precision Metrology Stab

The OTAQ High Precision Metrology Stab (Met-Stab) provides a reliable and accurate solution for mounting, orientation and recovery of subsea survey frames. With four numbered cardinal locking locations, the Met-Stab enables repeatable mounting accuracies of Heading 0.1° and Pitch Roll of 0.01°. Separation is achieved via an easy-to-use ROV removeable handle. The Met-Stab is a robust design for repeated offshore use and easy servicing, incorporating sacrificial, standard components that ensure consistent and simple mating and un-mating performance on each deployment.


• Repeatable mounting accuracy: Heading 0.1° / Pitch and Roll of 0.01°
• Four numbered cardinal locking locations
• Sacrificial plastic components for ease of mating and extended life
• Can be mounted in any orientation
• Receptacle can be flipped if required, extending life
• Hidden fasteners with the stab and receptacle
• Allowance for doweling to customer components
• Locking ROV handle
• Cavity in stab to allow inclusion of sensors
• Tolerance spigot fit for mounting stab and receptacle


• Main Body – Stainless Steel Gr.316
• Plastic Components – Acetal
• Locating Pin – Aluminium Bronze
• ROV handle – Aluminium Bronze & Stainless Steel Gr.316
• Fasteners – Stainless Steel A4

Weight & Dimensions

• In Air – 6.4Kg
• In Water – 6.2Kg
• Dimensions – Stab & Receptacle dia. 120mm x 76mm

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