Mini Q-Hub

Compact Ethernet Expander

Underwater 3 port IP hub for high speed Ethernet. Mini-Q-HUB is a 3 channel underwater ethernet switch that allows you to access the wasted capacity in your 10/100/1000 Ethernet channels. The Mini-Q-HUB is a 10/100 Mbps ethernet switch capable of connecting 3 x 10/100 devices to single GBE or 10/100 channel.

It is perfect for ROVs to enable the use of additional ethernet devices, and its compact size allows mounting to a variety of vehicles or monitoring platforms, landers and towed systems. It is available in 300m (lightweight Acetal) or 4000m (Anodised Aluminium) depth ratings*. Q-HUB is an ideal partner to the OTAQ range of Eagle IP underwater cameras and IP LEDS.


• Commercial ROVs and AUVs of all sizes
• Monitoring platforms
• Landers
• Marine renewables inspection
• Touchdown monitoring
• Oceanographic research

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