OceanSENSE ROV and Diver Held

OceanSENSE - The industry standard

Subsea Leak & Cement Returns Detection System

OceanSENSE is an incredibly accurate leak and cement returns detection system for underwater and subsea applications which is 50 times more sensitive than the human eye.  OTAQ have been manufacturing the OceanSENSE system since 2009.

Detecting a trace dye that has been inserted in-situ or at the time of manufacture into the leaking fluid, OceanSENSE can confirm tiny amounts of the dye’s presence to the operator.   Its accuracy, reliability and repeatability of results have led it to become the industry standard leak detector having now been mobilised on over 1000 offshore projects with a near 100% success rate. OceanSENSE is specified and relied upon by oil-companies, service companies and ROV operators across the globe.

OceanSENSE is very easy to operate and is available in 3000m and 6000m depth ratings for ROV operations with a very straightforward PC software application running in the ROV control room. There is also a 200m rated diver held version which has an integrated screen providing detection information.

Leak Detection

The OceanSENSE is deployed via ROV or diver to detect leaks from subsea oil and gas infrastructure. On construction jobs, it is used to confirm the structural integrity of spool tie ins and subsea structures during installations and subsea tiebacks.  Subsea IRM applications include detecting trace dyes leaking from hydraulic & MEG lines, risers and manifolds.

Cement Returns Detection

OceanSENSE has been proven on hundreds of jobs as a reliable method of detecting cement returns at the seafloor when completing wells. OceanSENSE allows drilling engineers to know exactly when cement has arrived at the surface, saving rig time, reducing cementing costs and contributing to well integrity. It also has applications in the decommissioning of offshore structures.

Specification Sheet

Key Features

• Repeatability of results
• Removes human judgement
• ROV/AUV and Diver-held versions
• Typical detection range up to 15m
• Field proven on 1000+ offshore projects
• Simple to operate
• Bright Light System (ROV lights on for operation)

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