OceanSENSE 4

OceanSENSE 4

Detects All Subsea Leak Tracing Dyes

Designed to detect all fluorescing trace dyes used in subsea leak detection from a single 6000m rated Titanium housing, the OceanSENSE 4 utilises the same core technology as the industry standard OTAQ OceanSENSE subsea leak and cement returns detection system.

The ROV mount OceanSENSE 4 enables operators to instantly switch between detecting different dye types ‘on-the-fly’ via the newly designed topside software. The ability to detect all dye types means there is no requirement to mobilise multiple detection configurations or recover the ROV to surface.Engineered to save operators time and money and to eliminate all risk associated with sensor and dye incompatibilities.

Utilising cutting edge technology OceanSENSE 4 is extremely capable. When mixing fluorescing dye into the carrier medium, the industry standard is 200,000 parts per billion – all OceanSENSE models detect dye to 6 parts per billion. The sensor feedback based topside software removes human judgement and inconsistencies from the detection operation. The OceanSENSE 4 unequivocally informs the operator when dye is present in the water column thus, depending on the application, locating the leak, confirming asset integrity or confirming the arrival of cement at the seafloor.

OceanSENSE was first released to the market in 2009, with operators rapidly positioning the system as the global industry standard for subsea dye detection. To date, OceanSENSE technology has achieved in excess of 50,000 offshore days on over 1000 subsea projects. The OceanSENSE 4 builds on this pedigree by ensuring increased operator flexibility while delivering repeatability of results, protecting the environment and reducing offshore operational costs.

Specification Sheet


• Detects all fluorescing dyes
• Repeatability of results
• Removes human judgement
• Typical detection range up to 15m
• Core technology field proven on 1000+ offshore projects
• Simple to operate
• Bright Light System (ROV lights on for operation)

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