Q-Hub IP Underwater 6 Port Ethernet Switch

The OTAQ Q-HUB IP is a 6 channel underwater Ethernet switch with onboard power switching system. 

Using the wasted capacity in your Gigabyte (GBE) and 10/100 Ethernet channels, Q-Hub IP is a 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet switch capable of connecting up to six 10/100/1000 devices to a single GBE or 10/100 channel. Power switching to the six channels is controlled from embedded GUI software accessed over the Ethernet connection.

Q-HUB IP is perfect for ROVs to enable the use of additional Ethernet devices and its compact size enables mounting to a variety of vehicles or monitoring platforms, landers and towed systems. It is available in 300m (lightweight Acetal) or 4000m (anodised aluminium) depth ratings.

The OTAQ Q-HUB IP is an ideal partner to the Eagle IP range of underwater cameras.

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