Q-Laser underwater laser


Robust Underwater Laser

Q-Laser is a compact, robust and cost-effective underwater laser available in ‘Spot’, ‘Cross-hair’ and ‘Fan’ formats which have been designed for a wide range of pointing and scaling applications.

The laser consumes very little power and draws just 250mA at 24VDC and operates at voltages between 4VDC and 25VDC.

These solid-state lasers are available in green (532nm), red (635nm) or blue (450nm) variants. With a power consumption ranging from 5mW to 70mW the Q-Laser is classed as ‘Laser Class III-B’ meaning that no special training is required to operate them.

Custom brackets are available to hold two Q-Lasers and an underwater camera. The Lasers produce two parallel laser beams which are viewed via the camera monitor and can be used to estimate the distance to an object with reasonable accuracy.

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