Ethernet Extender

Underwater IP high speed data extender over a single twisted pair (STP) cable. Part of the OTAQ Eagle IP range, Q-Link is a subsea 10/100 ethernet extender unit that allows the use of ethernet based devices when only a shielded twisted pair (STP) or COAX cable is available. The system comprises a subsea module and a topside unit with a proven operating distance of up to 1km (tether & application dependant). Q-LINK is ideal for enhancing non fibre optic inspection class ROVs by enabling the integration
of a variety of ethernet devices including cameras.

Our 300m Acetal variants are extremely lightweight making them perfect for use with compact ROVs. Q-LINK is an ideal partner to the OTAQ range of Eagle IP underwater cameras.

Suitable Applications
• Inspection class ROVs with no fibre optic link
• Commercial ROVs of all sizes
• Monitoring platforms
• Landers
• Marine renewables inspection
• Touchdown monitoring

Specification Sheet