Sealfence Portable

Mobile acoustic deterrent system for use with seals and sea lions

OTAQ Sealfence Portable is a mobile acoustic system designed to deter seals and sea lions in a wide range of underwater situations.

Sealfence Portable uses OTAQ’s unique acoustic system which proven effective across Europe and South America with many species of seals and sea lions. The system uses a robust, underwater projector (fitted with 25m of Kevlar reinforced cable) to emit a an omnidirectional sound which seals and sea lions will find uncomfortable at anything inside the system’s effective range.

The system has an on board battery that will last for up to 7 hours of continuous use and remote control with up to 100m of range

Sealfence Portable is ideal for…

  • Marine construction & pile driving operations
  • FPSO turrets
  • Temporary use in aquaculture
  • Commercial Fishing applications – long lining, purse-seine netting, jig fishing, trawling
  • Sport fishing




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