Shallow water underwater display

The OTAQ Low Cost Underwater Display is a compact and economic 250m rated versatile solution that can display serial data from OTAQ and third party sensors. Made from the advanced composite material Alumide, the display comes with a potted tail that supplies power and comms to the unit with serial data viewed via the low power high visibility LED array. The unit is designed to be deployed subsea, nearshore, in the splash zone or onshore. Due to its low cost, it has many potential applications in offshore
energy, ocean science, leisure and aquaculture. The Low Cost Underwater Display can be is used in conjunction with other OTAQ solutions including deployment frames, subsea batteries, switches, temperature, depth and orientation sensors and mounting solutions.


• Displaying orientation and positioning data for
underwater survey operations
• Oceanographic research such as CDT (temperature,
depth, salinity)
• Aquaculture environmental monitoring
• Training and safety
• Battery life monitoring

Technical Specifications:
• LED Display: Red or Green
• Data communications: RS232/RS485
• Size excluding tail: 280 x 75 x 50 mm
• Weight in air: 2.5 kg
• Weight in water: 1.5 kg
• Standard Material: Alumide
• Depth rating*: 250m
• Power requirements: 18-30VDC @700mA max
• Standard connector: MCIL8M (other connectors optional)
• Power requirements: 18-30VDC @500mA max
• Standard connectors:
• 1 x MCBH8M (other connectors available)

Specification Sheet