Underwater Display

The OTAQ Underwater Display is a robust, 3000m rated* versatile subsea solution that can display serial data from a wide range of onboard sensors and external OTAQ and third party sensors.

Activated and viewed by ROVs and divers, serial data is viewed via the low power, high visibility LED array, the Underwater Display can be mounted in any orientation with connected sensors set to zero either via command through the RS232 or RS485 communication line or by using a OTAQ OptoCom light communication module.

The Underwater Display is mounted on endplates while the viewing cylinder including the LED array can be rotate in 45° degree increments to allow for the best view positioning. The high durability viewing cylinder is further protected by stainless steel bumper rods.

Available with work enabling onboard options such as a pressure sensor and a pitch & roll sensor, the Underwater Display is an integral part of OTAQ’s range of Gyro Survey Frame and Deployment Frame solutions which include s ubsea batteries, switches, integrated temperature, depth and orientation sensors and high precision metrology stabs.


  • Orientation and positioning for underwater survey operations
  • Oceanographic research such as CDT (temperature, depth, salinity)
  • Battery life monitoring
  • Back up to through water communication solutions

Technical Specification

DisplayRed, Blue or Green LED display
Data communicationsRS232/RS485 free running or controlled
Length excluding connector340 mm
Maximum diameter139 mm
Weight in air6.4 kg
Weight in water2.6 kg
Standard materialHard Anodised Aluminium
(other materials available)
Depth rating3000 m
Pitch & Roll accuracy0.5 degrees
Power requirements18-30VDC @700mA max
Standard connectorMCBH8M (other connectors optional)

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